A 3D printer for your business is a powerful and simple tool that provides the opportunity to quickly and affordably create and print out three-dimensional models. Perfect for product development and prototype testing or to have in the office for creating models from 3D drawings. Quickly, easily and affordably, you get ready-made models that are created without any expensive production costs. It helps to avoid spillage and leftover material as the 3D printer only uses the material that production requires for the final product. Test your drawings, designs and models on site with the help of a 3D printer. It creates exact copies of your drawing and you can make as many as you like or test prototypes/product development by simply reading in the drawing and pressing print.

Create, modify and design - the 3D printer reads all formats, .Stl, .Obj, .Thing and supports most drawing and CAD programs, such as Autodesk ,3dtin.comTinkercad.comSketchupOpenSCADWings3DScupltris,  and Blender .. Do you have an idea or design suggestion; you can contact 3DPrintshopen for assistance or service concerning the design and preparation of plans which are then loaded in the 3D printer. Contact 3DPrintshopen for more information on how we can assist and help your 3D printer purchase and experience be the very best.

If you have an idea or design proposal, you can contact  3DPrintshopen for help or service regarding design of drawings that the 3d printer then reads, or production as your outsource production team.

Contact the 3D Printshop for more information on how we can assist you with all your prototyping needs.